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We receive a mix of unrestricted funding through donations and grants, and project-specific funding through contracts and grants. We are incredibly grateful to all of our donors, funders, and partners. Here we list all sources of funding greater than $1000 in either category (for individual donors an asterisk indicates that we received a matching donation from their company). We have also benefited from sponsored compute credits from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Funding for additional, ongoing projects will be listed in the future. Read more in our Annual Reports (2020, 2021, 2022) or our Form 990s (2020, 2021, 2022).

Unrestricted donations

Pamela MenschIndividual
Hampus JakobssonIndividual
Jason Jacobs +
Allison Pincus-Jacobs
Colin Rust +
Jeannie Tseng
Teach a Man to Fish FoundationFoundation
Eutopia FoundationFoundation
Jacob TrefethenIndividual
Incite labsFoundation
Ilya Volodarsky +
Mike Volodarsky +
Emily O'Brien
Shawn LiuIndividual
Ross A. Garon +
Hong K. Suh
John WolthuisIndividual
Zegar Family FundIndividual
FTX FoundationFoundation
Venkatesh Srinivas +
Balaji Srinivas
Sergey Brin Family FoundationFoundation
Spencer AdlerIndividual
Lionel Dripps +
Rebecca Rice
Ernest J. McNabbIndividual
Chan Zuckerberg InitiativeFoundation
New Climate VenturesCorporate
Silicon Valley Community FoundationFoundation
Ambrose Carr* +
Sharonmoyee Goswami
Calvin French-OwenIndividual
Additional VenturesFoundation
Rovere O’Kelley Family FundIndividual
Robert and Martha ParkeIndividual
Preston-Werner FoundationFoundation
Climate Cousins FoundationFoundation
Michael Harm*Individual
Nicholas SofroniewIndividual
Jandon FoundationFoundation
Vanguard CharitableNonprofit
Benificus FoundationFoundation
William HarringtonIndividual
Joshua MonradIndividual


As an Environmental Partner with 1% For the Planet, we are eligible to receive monetary donations, volunteer time, and in-kind donations from participating businesses.

Project-specific funding

Carbon 180Entrepreneur in Residence Fellowship
StripeNegative Emissions Purchase 2020
Development of carbon removal procurement application
WattTimeClimate TRACE
Generation IMGuidance on evaluating climate benefits from investments
ClimateWorksPermanence calculator
Evaluation of technological carbon removal proposals
Mapping seaweed farming potential
CDR timescale accounting
Lowercarbon Capital +
Rio Vista Foundation +
CDR Primer
MicrosoftReview of soil carbon offset protocols
Microsoft AI for EarthForest carbon risk mapping
CMIP6 downscaling
Preston-Werner FoundationSoil- and forest-based carbon accounting (Soil depth, Fires and forests)
XPRIZECarbon removal expert review
Additional VenturesBarriers to scaling the long-duration carbon dioxide removal industry
Linden Trust for ConservationTechnical guidance on carbon removal policy development
Columbia UniversityData analysis and visualization work with the Center for Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP)
Patrick J McGovern FoundationProjects to increase accountability in the voluntary carbon market and tie CDR policy and investments to the best available science
Earth Science Information PartnersFire monitoring improvements
Development SeedZarr visualization tooling and benchmarking
CarbonPlan is a registered nonprofit public benefit corporation in California with 501(c)(3) status.
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