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Core team

Becky Hurst
Operations Manager
Becky has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, and is energized by operations and project management. She is passionate about creating organizational systems that foster team productivity, and is excited to be involved in climate action. She holds a BA in English Literature from Western Washington University.
Cindy Chiao
Data Scientist
Cindy is a data and environmental scientist. She is passionate about sustainable development and is excited to contribute via data analysis and machine learning. She holds an MSE in Environmental Engineering and an MS in Sustainable Systems from the University of Michigan.
Danny Cullenward
Policy Director
Danny is an energy economist and lawyer focused on the design and implementation of scientifically grounded climate policy. He holds a JD and PhD from Stanford University, where he teaches classes on energy law and climate policy.
Freya Chay
Program Associate
Freya has an interdisciplinary background in decarbonization. She’s particularly interested in how climate-forced transformations will impact culture and communities. She holds an MS in Earth Systems and a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Grayson Badgley
Research Scientist
Grayson is an ecologist dedicated to ensuring a vibrant future where both people and ecosystems thrive. He holds a PhD in Earth System Science from Stanford University.
Jeremy Freeman
Executive Director
Jeremy is a scientist with a passion for open science, open source software, and bringing cross-disciplinary teams together to tackle big problems. He holds a PhD in Neural Science from New York University and a BA in Neuroscience from Swarthmore College.
Joe Hamman
Technology Director
Joe is a climate scientist and engineer. He is passionate about open science and his work has long focused on the development of open data and software tools for basic and applied research. He holds an MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington and a PE in Washington State.
Kata Martin
Software Engineer
Kata is a software engineer focused on front-end web development. She is excited to build web tools that contribute to conversations about climate. She holds a BA in Chemistry from Reed College.
Oriana Chegwidden
Research Scientist
Oriana is a climate scientist committed to conducting impactful, equitable science. She is an alum of AmeriCorps, where she worked to support immigrant rights. She holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington and a BS in Chemistry from Haverford College.
Raphael Hagen
Data Engineer
Raphael is a data engineer with a background in remote sensing geoscience. He is interested in earth observation and scientific tool building as well as climate outreach. He holds a BS in Geoscience from the University of Montana and has spent several seasons working as a ranger for the National Park Service.
Sadie Frank
Program Manager
Sadie has an interdisciplinary background in climate policy, financial risk, and management. She is most passionate about designing and advocating for climate policy that is grounded in science and responsive to community needs. She holds a Master of Development Practice from the University of California, Berkeley, and a BA in Geography from the University of Washington.

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Kelly GannonNDWA Labs
Gernot WagnerNew York University
Arjuna DibleyPollination / Oxford University / CPD
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University of Pennsylvania
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Harvard University
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Ordinary Things
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