Geologic Injection Supplement

(Made available under a CC0 license)

Only fill out this supplement if it applies to you.

1) Feedstock and Use Case

a) What are you injecting? Gas? Supercritical gas? An aqueous solution? What compounds other than C exist in your injected material?

b) Do you facilitate enhanced oil recovery (EOR), either in this deployment or elsewhere in your operations? If so, please briefly describe. Answering Yes will not disqualify you.

2) Throughput and Monitoring

c) Describe the geologic setting to be used for your project. What is the trapping mechanism, and what infrastructure is required to facilitate carbon storage? How will you monitor that your permanence matches what you described in Section 2 of the General Application?

d) For projects in the United States, for which UIC well class is a permit being sought (e.g. Class II, Class VI, etc.)?

e) At what rate will you be injecting your feedstock?

3) Environmental Hazards

a) What are the primary environmental threats associated with this injection project, what specific actions or innovations will you implement to mitigate those threats, and how will they be monitored moving forward?

b) What are the key uncertainties to using and scaling this injection method?