CO₂ Utilization Supplement

(Made available under a CC0 license)

Only fill out this supplement if it applies to you.

1) Feedstock

a) How do you source your CO₂, and from whom?

b) What are alternate uses for this CO₂ stream?

c) Do you have a pathway towards sourcing atmospheric CO₂ so as to achieve carbon removal? (E.g. Future coupling of process to direct air capture)

2) Utilization Methods

a) How does your solution use and store CO₂? What is the gross CO₂ utilization rate? (E.g. CO₂ is mineralized in Material at a rate of X tCO₂ (gross) / t storage material)

b) What happens to the storage material (e.g. concrete), and how does that impact its embodied carbon storage over time? How do you know?

c) How do you ensure that the carbon benefits you are claiming through a CO₂ utilization process are not double counted? (E.g. If sourcing CO₂ from a DAC system, or selling your product to a user interested in reducing their carbon footprint, who claims the carbon removal benefits and how could an independent auditor validate no double counting?)