Biomass Supplement

(Made available under a CC0 license)

Only fill out this supplement if it applies to you.

1) Feedstock and Physical Footprint

a) What type of biomass does your project rely on?

b) Are you growing that biomass yourself, or procuring it, and from whom?

c) Please fill out the table below regarding your feedstock’s physical footprint. If you don’t know (e.g. you procure your biomass from a seller who doesn’t communicate their land use), indicate that in the table.

Area of land or sea (km²) in 2021Competing/existing project area use (if applicable)
Feedstock cultivation
Long-term Storage

d) Imagine, hypothetically, that you’ve scaled up and are sequestering 100Mt of CO₂/yr. Please project your footprint at that scale (we recognize this has significant uncertainty, feel free to provide ranges and a brief description).

Projected # of km² enabling 100Mt/yrProjected competing project area use (if applicable)
Feedstock cultivation
Long-term Storage

2) Permanence, Additionality, Ecosystem Impacts

a) How is your biomass processed to ensure its permanence? What inputs does this process require (e.g. energy, water) and how do you source these inputs? (You should have already included their associated carbon intensities in your LCA in Section 6.)

b) If you didn’t exist, what’s the alternative use(s) of your feedstock? What factors would determine this outcome? (E.g. Alternative uses for biomass include X & Y. We are currently the only party willing to pay for this biomass resource. It’s not clear how X & Y would compete for the biomass resources we use. OR Biomass resource would not have been produced but for our project.)

c) We recognize that both biomass production and biomass storage can have complex interactions with ecological, social, and economic systems. What are the specific negative impacts (or important unknowns) you have identified, and what are your specific plans for mitigating those impacts (or resolving the unknowns)? (200 words)

d) Biomass-based solutions are currently being deployed around the world. Please discuss the merits and advantages of your solution in comparison to other approaches in this space.