Sep 14 2021

Welcome to the blog

Jeremy Freeman 
Jeremy Freeman

Public communication is core to our mission at CarbonPlan.

Thus far, we've primarily used our research site to share content, in the form of interactive tools and long-form articles that explain complex concepts or analyses we've performed. We'll continue doing that.

But we've been missing a faster, lighter way to write about what we're doing — not only the work itself, but how we're doing it. We wanted a venue for our team to share short insights about climate policy, highlight the open source software tools we're building, or call out new data releases. And as we take on more long-term research projects, we wanted a way to still share out quickly, as the work happens.

This blog is designed for those goals. You'll see posts written by our team members, and hopefully get to know their work and their voices. You'll get a little more insight into how we do what we do at CarbonPlan. And you'll hopefully learn about key climate stories as they are unfolding.

You can check the index for updates to the blog, or follow us on twitter, which we will use to highlight recent research, new blog posts, and other announcements.

Thanks for reading!

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