Feb 23 2023

Updates to the Compliance Users Tool

Freya Chay 
Freya Chay

Last year, we released a tool that allows you to explore who is using which offsets to meet compliance obligations in the California cap-and-trade program. We've now updated the tool to reflect the compliance data that was released in December 2022.

With this update, the tool includes all available data about offset use reported for three full compliance periods (2013-2014, 2015-2017, 2018-2020) and the most recent annual compliance period (2021). Note that during an annual compliance period, regulated companies are only obligated to meet 30% of their compliance obligation. The remainder will come due at the end of the full compliance period (2021-2023) and will be reported publicly in 2024. We'll continue updating the tool as additional data becomes available.

You can read more about the tool in our original blog post or check out our GitHub repository for the data processing that underlies the web tool.

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